Color Theory

Color can be a volatile subject. In branding your company, the correct color choices can help to convey your message much more effectively than a black and white image ever could. Each color used will convey tone and also meaning which in turn affects your audiences' judgements and reactions. Color is an emotional language in design.

The right color choices will create the right response. Color choices are extremely powerful and volatile, and should be handled very carefully and skillfully.

color theory

What is color theory?

Color theory has been defined as a set of guiding principles that are used to create harmonious color combinations. Used appropriately, color theory can be used to select and combine colors to create pleasing and effective color palettes for your brand. There are six unique types of color harmony available in design.

Color Harmony

  1. Complementary
  2. Analogous
  3. Split Complementary
  4. Triadic
  5. Double Complementary
  6. Monochromatic
color meanings

Color Meanings

The human eye and the human brain allow us to experience color physically, emotionally and also mentally. Because of this phenomenon, each color has meaning. This meaning can be different depending on cultural differences and experience.

Red means passion, love, energy, excitement and power.

Yellow means intellect, wisdom, optimism and idealism.

Blue represents knowledge, coolness, loyalty and intelligence.

Green represents money, growth, success, harmony and youth.

Purple stands for luxury, wisdom, inspiration and nobility.

Orange means creativity, energy, health and whimsy.

It takes a bit of knowledge and skill to craft the perfect color palette for your brand, target audience and industry. Carefully chosen colors can make the difference between a mediocre brand image and a lasting, enduring and powerful brand.

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