Maintenance Policy

What is included with ongoing website maintenance?

Your maintenance plan covers small changes and updates to your existing content within your pages. These changes could include contact information updates, new photos, new footer links, or a change to a slideshow for example. The time used for each update is tracked and reported to you along with your remaining maintenance time for the month.

What isn't included?

Your maintenance plan does not include adding large portions of new content such as new pages, and does not include adding new functionality to the site, for instance a new interactive calendar of events. This work would require a quote request for site updates. This decision will be solely up to the discretion of Mirror Image Branding and we will be happy to answer any questions that may arise.

What happens to my unused time?

Your unused time cannot be rolled over into the next month. We are happy to work out a custom maintenance plan upon request that may better suit your business needs.

Should you wish to cancel your maintenance plan we appreciate 30 days notice. Cancellation notices given within current month take affect at the end of the month. Partial month refunds cannot be given.