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Social Networking Services

Reputation Management Services

What is Social Networking?

At Mirror Image Branding, we understand the importance of maintaining an active and positive presence in the social networking scene. Social networking is just that, and we can handle all the heavy lifting for you!

How does Social Networking work?

Mirror Image Branding will handle weekly and monthly posts to the major social networking sites for you including Facebook©, Twitter©, Google Plus©, LinkedIn©, and others. You supply us with the general material subjects you would like to cover per month and we will create and post engaging positive posts that allow your customers to interact with your company online and on an ongoing basis.

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Don't imagine for a moment that your competitors aren't already taking advantage of this huge marketing strategy! Let's get started today!

Social Networking Pricing

Our pricing for social networking is straightforward and easy to understand.

We charge $50.00 per month per social networking channel.

This covers weekly posts per channel. We will also monitor posts made about your company so that you can respond to both positive and negative comments in order to continue to maintain a high quality of customer service.
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