Website Design

Our Website Design Philosophy

Our Design Philosophy

Uniqueness of Design

We at Mirror Image Branding believe in creating unique, custom-made websites for our clients- a website that will instantly set you apart from your competition.

Beginning with a carefully chosen color palette, we craft each site to fit the particular client's needs and company image. Each image, texture, and border is chosen with an overall theme in mind, while the entire process is directed by the chosen target audience for our client.

Quite often the word template carries with it a negative connotation when it comes to websites, but a template serves a very important purpose in website design as in all design. It creates uniformity and continuity which allows the online visitor to navigate fluidly through the site structure without frustration.

Ongoing Service

Mirror Image Branding wants to be your Online Business Partner. This isn't just a catch-phrase, rather it's a core philosophy in directing the way we do business. We will be with you for the long haul. Whether you need constant small updates to your site, occasional overhauls, or you land somewhere in between, Mirror Image Branding will be available for your assistance. Just think of us as your IT department.

We offer Website Maintenance packages with low monthly fees that are easy to manage on a small business budget. Added with our low monthly hosting packages, this is a perfect package for small business owners looking to keep their website content fresh and new.

One-Stop Shopping

There is no need to try to work with multiple entities when setting up your online presence. Mirror Image Branding does it all!